About Me

punkHey there,

I’m Stephan Zimkin AKA JustDaggers
. This site will serve as a hub to all the things and projects i have at the moment as well as a convenient timeline for to reference .

-About me though ,
I’m a….
Actor-Starred in a few feature length films and many shorts
Writer- Writen comics , scripts for features and shorts
Artist-from computer to spray paint and was an animation major in college
Director of Only Go There At Night;Darkness Rising , Asst director of Hello My Name Is Linda with Lloyd Kaufman
Film maker -movies,shorts,music videos, cartoons
Youtuber- 1Manremakes,YouRememberThisShit , AwesomeFarm
Photographer-I was offical Photographer of The Matches final show in Cali .
Musician –Fistful of Truth ,even did a song with MC Lars

I try to keep myself productive and prolific

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